2012 (2009) and Godzilla (1998) Movies Anywhere HD code

2012 (2009) and Godzilla (1998) Movies Anywhere HD code

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GODZILLA (1998) HD: 

During a nuclear test, the French government inadvertently mutates a lizard nest; years later, a giant lizard makes its way to New York City. Dr. Niko Tatopoulos (Matthew Broderick), an expert on the effects of radiation on animals, is sent by the U.S. govt. to study the beast. When the creature, dubbed "Godzilla" by news outlets, emerges, a massive battle with the military begins. To make matters worse, Niko discovers that Godzilla laid a nest of 200 eggs… which are ready to hatch. Release date: May 20, 1998


2012 (2009) HD: 

Earth's billions of inhabitants are unaware that the planet has an expiration date. With the warnings of an American scientist (Chiwetel Ejiofor), world leaders begin secret preparations for the survival of select members of society. When the global cataclysm finally occurs, failed writer Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) tries to lead his family to safety as the world starts falling apart. Release date: November 13, 2009